A little bit about me,

Well, at the moment, I work for a Tier 2 ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) in the UK, but in my free time, I do Information Security consultation, web development, network infrastructure, all of that. Also advise on things like PCI, as that can be a real headache.

I read Computer Forensics and Security at Manchester Metropolitan University and have got a couple of other qualifications under my belt since I did that, such as the dCAA (digium Certified Asterisk Administrator) and I did a PCI-Equivalent qualification at my last job at a large consumer electronics company ( nothing fruity to see here ;) )

I've developed quite a few things in my time, a few of my recent projects include:

  • getCP.io, a free tool for looking up the Communication Provider for a particular number range or number. All parse from Ofcoms numbering spreadsheets
  • Wonderful.org, a great project, allowing you to give your time for charity, and also get the charities paid for it too
  • addedPIXELS, a very close friend and myself operate addedPIXELS as an on the side project, providing bespoke products and services to all kinds of businesses

I'm also starting some work on developing a Voiceover/IVR Recording service. I have done a large variety of recordings in the past for numerous people, including my current employer, I really enjoy it as there aren't many people in the market that understand that you don't have to charge through the earth for professional voice recordings.

Take a look around and click a link, if you want to that is.